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LEGACY // Original Pricing to Celebrate 10 Years

6 Beanies, 3 Dreamers, and 10 Years of Empowerment

It all started with a hook and some yarn. Flashback to 2007, when our founders were three friends with a dream and an unlikely talent - crocheting. Press play on the video above to learn just how we earned the name “Krochet Kids intl.”, and learn more about how you can our classic beanies at their original prices below! To raise money for their first trip to Uganda, our three founders crocheted as many hats as they possibly could and sold them to friends, family, and individuals in their community in hopes of traveling across the globe and empowering people to rise above poverty, forever. When we say “original pricing”, we are referring to the prices that our founders sold these hats at to raise money for this first trip to Uganda. Some of these very early styles have been updated and have carried over in our collection for the last ten years! As a thank you for your continued support of the the last ten years, we’re bringing back the original pricing on these tried-and-true styles. Shop the collection of classics at the original prices for a limited time, and take part in the LEGACY that got our founders to Uganda and helped kickstart Krochet Kids intl.
beret beanie


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