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LEGACY // Our First Official HQ

Global Headquarters // Costa Mesa, CA

The founding team of Krochet Kids intl. started the organization while still in college. University classrooms and off-campus housing were the backdrop for the early days of our work, but as graduation happened and we had more time to focus on building the organization we needed a location to centralize our operations. Not to mention, we had a growing amount of product needing storage as well. Costa Mesa, CA provided all the key elements we were looking for, including (but not limited to) its close proximity to the beach, and a number of great brands in the area that we could learn from. We found a small 1,200 square foot warehouse, collected donated fixtures and materials, and built a modern day version of the set for the hit TV show Hollywood Squares. This space hosted so many key milestones for our work and we'll forever look back at our time here with fond memories. Did any of you come to an event at this office?!


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