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KKPeru: Face to Face Trip

20141101-kkPeru021 We talk a lot about the importance of knowing more than where your products come from. We believe our world would be a completely different place if we all considered the impact on those making our clothes and the products we use everyday. We encourage you to find the hand-signed label on every KK intl. product and #knowwhomadeit. This President's Day weekend four amazing bloggers are traveling down to Krochet Kids Peru to learn firsthand the significance of this idea. Kristen Howerton, Heather Armstrong, Sarah James, and Rebecca Woolf will be spending time connecting with our staff, the beneficiaries, and the vision for our work. Follow along with their trip and learn how you can get involved by clicking the link below...
- - - VIEW THE FACE TO FACE TRIP PAGE - - - Heather Armstrong - @dooce Sarah James - @whoorl Kristen Howerton - @kristenhowerton Rebecca Woolf - @girlsgonechild


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