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Now on Kickstarter: World's Greatest Beanie

worlds greatest beanie

We Need Your Help!

When we set out to create the World’s Greatest Beanie, we knew that we had to take our commitment to sustainability and transparency to a new level. Since we first began in 2007, we’ve committed to take an innovative approach to social impact while challenging consumers to wield their purchasing power to transform the global fashion industry. By connecting supporters with the person who made their product through the hand-signed label, we are able to show how one purchase can make a huge impact. We are taking this a step farther with visibility at every point in the supply chain. Everything truly great that we have accomplished, we've accomplished with your help and World's Greatest Beanie is no exception to this.
While we take an incredible amount of pride in the work we do, we set out to do more. The World’s Greatest Beanie isn’t only made from the best fibers in the world, it functions well in a variety of temperatures and climates, giving it ultimate versatility. There are no synthetic dyes or harmful chemicals used in the creation of this hat, giving it a low environmental impact. With the purchase of the World’s Greatest Beanie, consumers will know the impact of their purchase in every step on the supply chain. Learn more below!

The Journey of the World's Greatest Beanie

worlds greatest beanie It begins here at Mallkini Ranch located in Peru's Andes Mountains. Mallkini Ranch has been home to alpaca for generations. Horatio was raised in a family of ranchers, and alpaca farming at the ranch is part of his lineage. His son Ronaldinho is also learning how to ranch. worlds greatest beanie Every spring, alpaca are sheared. Mauro carefully shears the alpaca at Mallkini Ranch, and not only is the practice of shearing necessary for the health and comfort of alpaca, they are not harmed in the process at all. worlds greatest beanie The careful process of fiber selection is conducted by Basilia, who hand-selects bushels of fur and separates them. The World's Greatest Beanie is made with baby alpaca, which is the softest and highest quality alpaca fur available. Baby alpaca is named for the fineness of the fiber and not the age of the animal. worlds greatest beanie The tradition of yarn making has been around for centuries, and Mitchell Group combines this lofty heritage with state-of-the-art-machinery. Since 1931, they have been making premiere yarn, and Jenny creates the yarn for the World's Greatest Beanie. worlds greatest beanie Yanet is part of our program at KK Peru. Since joining, she has learned how to knit and crochet and continues to receive education and mentorship that will help her achieve her dreams of entrepreneurship. Her message to KK intl. supporters is "I would like to tell them they are buying a quality product because I believe I do it very well.” We think she does it really well, too.


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