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Introducing KKU Leaders and Tailors

In addition to crocheters, we also have many seamstresses (who sew the name labels into each hat, scarf or laptop case) and hut leaders on our compound in Northern Uganda. These women are literally the stitches that hold the groups together and are able to skillfully balance leadership and humor. It's wonderful to see the way that these women have gone beyond rebuilding their own lives and have taken an active role in helping and maintaining the development of the other women and the program as a whole. Acen Betty, Akello Alice, Akot Beatrice, Alanyo Teddy, Anena Cindrella, Lanyero Prossy, Owilli Dorine This concludes the introduction of our now 87 women. Go check out the lady who made your hat and thank her for what she does. We're incredibly proud of all these women and look forward to sharing more photos and updates on their time in the program in the weeks and months to come.


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