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Give the Gift of Love! It's easier than you may think.

(Photo from Give the Gift of LOVE party last year in Boston, MA) want to Give the Gift of Love this winter. You want to win a trip to Uganda. But, "I'm not a good event planner!" you say. Or maybe "I don't have time to plan an epic party!" is your mantra. Fear not, holiday well-wishers. You can Give the Gift of Love in so many ways this year! Just a few 'non-traditional' ideas: 1) Find events that are already going on in your area. Things like community craft fairs, college awareness meetings, church gift boutiques, and city art walks are all in full swing this time of year, and for an inexpensive entry fee, it's easy to have a table at these! We want to empower you to be a KKi rep in your town. 2) Take hats to your workplace and put up a little display at the front desk. Jon Hook of Spokane, WA, did this at his physical therapy office last winter, and sold nearly 100 hats! 3) Tackle the new frontier: the online realm! With your own promo code, you can Facebook, blog, email, and Tweet about Krochet Kids to all your friends, and receive credit for their online purchases- all without even leaving your computer. Think you're too busy to throw a party? Then don't- just spread the word this way. 4) Help us help you! We want to help you brainstorm ways to make Give the Gift of Love work for your community. If you want to take part but feel overwhelmed, don't! We're here to help. The first step is filling out the application- even if you don't have many details, just write down your thoughts, and we'll work with you from there. Bottom line, helping us reach our goal of 10,000 hats sold in December is easier than you may think. Fill out an application today, and help us Give the Gift of Love this winter!


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