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Introducing KKU Group 4

The ladies of Hut 4 have all stated that, beyond the financial security that they've gained through this program, the greatest gift that this program has given them is the companionship that they have with the other women at the compound. In between hats these women are encouraging and listening to each other, helping each other raise themselves out of their dark memories and fears for the future. They have gained joy and confidence and they aren't afraid to share it. Aber Proscovia, Adong Prossy, Adyero Brenda, Akech Santa, Akech Sunday, Akello Dorcus, Akot Jennifer, Akwir Irene, Aloyo Jennifer, Aneno Monica, Auma Concy, Lamunu Faith, Lanyero Lilly, Lawach Beatrice, Nabinaka Patricia, Piracel Jane


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