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Give the Gift of LOVE & Win a Trip to Meet the Ladies

We have always encouraged people to look inside their KKi products, to see who made their hat, and then go online to learn about that specific lady. What we have always encouraged is relationship, for when it is realized that a person made our product -- a person with a family, a person with dreams -- we can begin to understand that we can support this person by wearing their product and sharing their story. We can help them realize their dreams. But we want to take it a step further. We want to give you the chance to WIN A TRIP TO MEET THE LADIES IN NORTHERN UGANDA. This could be your chance to meet Beatrice, Alice, Margret, or whoever else made your hat.

This December we are setting a goal to sell 10,000 hats in 31 days in support of our friends in Uganda.

We need your help. Sign up to participate in this year's Give the Gift of LOVE campaign and help us sell the products these ladies masterfully make. By doing so you will be entered to win a trip to Northern Uganda Help us Give the Gift of LOVE to Northern Uganda and as a result we will continue to grow our programs in Africa and around the globe in 2011.


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