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The Power of a Signature

fashion revolution


On April 24th, 2013, the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was jarring to not only the fashion industry, but to consumers as well. For the first time, many people were faced with the reality of substandard working conditions within the apparel industry. From this tragedy, Fashion Revolution was born. Every year during April 18th - 24th, they work to raise awareness by prompting individuals to ask one simple question to the apparel companies they purchase from: Who made my clothes? Like Fashion Revolution, we believe fashion can be made in an environment that honors creativity, quality, and, most of all, values people. At Krochet Kids intl., we ensure that you not only have the opportunity to empower others through your purchases, but establish a meaningful connection between your product and the person who made it. Every product is hand-signed by the person who made it, so you will always have an answer to Fashion Revolution's question of #whomademyclothes? fashion revolution This signature is an incredible symbol; not only for the lady who creates the product, but for you, the wearer, as well. Every signature guarantees quality, holistic care, and empowerment.
Here's how the ability to sign their products has positively affected the ladies in our program:
fashion revolution "I feel great to make products that can be worn by many people across the world, and that I am known by my name the world over for making good products." - Akech Sunday. Learn more about her story here. fashion revolution "I feel as if I was sharing something that belongs to me. My signature identifies me as the maker of the product." - Victoria Pumacahua. Learn more about her story here. fashion revolution "A big thanks to those who buy my products. They made me who I am now through my work at Krochet Kids Uganda. I pray God to give more blessing to them and they continue blessing others and transforming lives." - Acayo Christine. Learn more about her story here.


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