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3 Ways We Support Mothers

empowering women


Meet Rosmery Shupingahua, pictured above with her two daughters Katy and Sandra. Rosmery joined our program with the goal of being able to consistently provide for her daughters. In addition to passing on valuable resources to her family, Rosmery desires more than anything for her daughters to receive a good education and grow into successful women. She says, “I feel love in my heart for my daughters every day. I will do anything to give them the best life possible. I am here to care for them and protect them no matter what.” This dream of wellbeing and support for children is echoed by the rest of the mothers in our program. Over 93% of our beneficiaries are mothers, and many of them support more than one child. Rosmery is just one example of the ladies who are working to rise above poverty not just for themselves, but to provide a better future for their families. We're honoring these women by sharing the three ways we uniquely position our model to empower women and mothers. This Mother's Day, you can connect your mom to another mother in Uganda or Peru with a hand-signed product from our collection and share the gift of empowerment.
1. Childcare: Because so many of the women in our program are mothers, we provide options for childcare at both of our empowerment project locations. At our empowerment project in Peru, we provide subsidized childcare where we help children with their homework, provide a fun and safe environment for playtime, and even development training for the older kids. empowering women 2. Education: Our specialized education courses range from entrepreneurship to nutrition to literacy. We equip these ladies with the skills they need to achieve total self-sufficiency, and this constant cycle of learning means that they can pass along these new skills and resources to their families. Whether it's a hearty and balanced recipe for dinner or being able to read a book with their child, these courses are strengthening both our beneficiaries and their families. empowering women 3. Support: We provide one-on-one mentorship to the ladies in our program. We purposefully work with local leaders and employ social workers from the communities we work in because they have a better understanding of the cultural challenges many of these ladies face, resulting in deeper impact. Our approach to the wellbeing of the women in our program is high-touch and our mentors conduct check-ins at a beneficiary's home as well as at our facility. empowering women


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