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A Family Restored Through Crocheting: Lanyero Grace

Before Krochet Kids Uganda, Lanyero Grace left her hometown of Gulu in hopes of receiving an education and support from a family member, but instead found herself as a house maid and treated poorly. For three years Grace was cut off from her family, but thankfully her brother discovered the abuse and brought her back to Gulu. Grace's life back home was also difficult. Her family was living in abject poverty and the war was still raging. Grace married, but her marriage struggled because of alcohol abuse by her husband and lack of finances. Eventually her husband left her with their children. In August 2010, Grace became a beneficiary of KKU; providing her a steady income. "I used to move from one home to next in search of odd jobs such as washing clothes and repairing people’s huts in exchange for money. I could not feed my children well nor could I send them to school; so the children had to drop out of schoo." Since joining KKU she's been able to send her children back to school and attend classes in business identification and management, savings and credit management, as well as family planning and health and conflict management. "The support by staff has made me happy and now I look at life positively,” says Grace. Grace has even started a charcoal business that she operates on the weekends. Through her new business and employment at KKU, Grace is planning for her future. "I like the training in SACCO (Savings and Credit Co-operative) because I now have the urge of saving part of my earnings,” says Grace. Grace's family has since been restored as well. Her husband, learning about her new opportunities and endeavors, asked for her forgiveness and wanted to offer his support. Grace is glad to have a father figure for her children. She said, "I have forgiven him and have accepted him back because the children kept on asking me about their father while he was away." When asked about KKU; Grace will tell you that she's managed to attain a lot and that she is looking forward to a brighter future. She's happy that Krochet Kids has helped bring her family together.

** As compiled by her mentor Christine Langol. The KKU mentors each have 20 beneficiaries that they invest in and follow up with regularly. They visit the ladies’ homes every week to track and monitor their progress. **


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