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Building a Future: Piloya Vicky

Piloya Vicky came to Krochet Kids Uganda two years ago with the hopes of being able to afford the school fees for her five young boys. Much of what they owned had been lost or taken from them during the war, and being a single mother, Vicky struggled to provide for her family. However, that didn't stop her from dreaming of a better future and working hard toward her goals. Since her entrance into our program Vicky has not only been able to provide her children with the education they deserve, she has also applied her education to creating a stable future for them. With her earnings from crocheting she has purchased pigs to start a small pig farm in order to supplement her income. And is doing that quite successfully! Her savings have also made it possible to accomplish another life goal of hers, which is to build a home for her family. Altogether, Vicky is a great testimony to the power of dreams and a great picture for what empowerment can look like in Northern Uganda.


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