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Aspen Fashion Week Recap

Stewart and I had no idea what to expect from Aspen other than what we had seen in Dumb & Dumber in the mid 90s, but when we were invited by Aspen Fashion Week to come and share about Krochet Kids intl. we gladly accepted. Over the course of 3 days we were humbled by the people we had the privilege of meeting and the warm welcome the organization received. We hosted an in-store event with our new friends at KOTO fashion (featuring our handmade sign above), and even had the opportunity to partner with fellow life-changers FEED projects on a fashion presentation during night 2 of the event. If you are interested in learning more about the event try here and here. Thanks to AFW for having us and to all the wonderful people we were able to meet! -Kohl p.s. if you can think of a Dumb & Dumber quote, please leave it in the comments below!


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