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Knowing Who Made It with Arielle Estoria


Knowing Who Made It with Arielle Estoria

A creative in every sense of the word, Arielle Estoria is instilling hope and worth into her readers through her personal, soulful writings and dreamy positivity. As a storyteller and writer, Arielle believes in the power of sharing individual stories as a way to connect to each other, no matter where we live or where we come from. In these stories, we can find shared interests, common ground, and create meaningful connections with people all over the world. Because every KK intl. product is hand-signed by the woman who made it, you can look up the individual who created your new beanie, scarf, or in Arielle's case, open knit poncho sweater 'the Phoenix' and backpack 'the Ridgeview', and discover the story of the lady behind your product. Arielle shares her experience of knowing who made it below.

Show them the power of your hands. Show them how much love resides inside of your heart. How there is more than blood running through your veins, there is fervor, dedication and flames that your silence is still lightning and when you speak it is a full on storm

The only reason women have been oppressed as much as they have is because everyone else knows we are powerful except for US

That changes now, when we as women, collectively realize the extent of our own potential and refuse to let anyone else measure it

"Seeing the names on these products makes something within me SOAR. It’s not just a 'do good product' that you’re told is made by women somewhere and you have no other connection to them, instead you get to see their name say it out loud and all of sudden we’re not so distant from one another anymore. I don’t really believe in the concept of strangers, I think that there is a thread so thinly woven between all of us and all it takes is a passing eye contact, a shoulder brush or reading someone’s name out there for all the concept of being foreign to just disappear. These are not just clothing articles or cool accessories --- we are wearing powerful statements of women taking their power back, of giving their own measure of their worth and potential. Revolutions being sown into threads---how freaking powerful." - Arielle Estoria. arielle-estoria arielle-estoriav arielle-estoria


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