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10,000 HATS. WE DID IT!

To put an amazing finish on an amazing year, we not only hit our goal of selling 10,000 hats during the month of December, but it seems as though we far surpassed it. The final sales totals are coming in from our LOVERS around the nation, and we are still in the process of finalizing sales through our events and retail partners, but we know one thing for sure. It's over 10,000 hats. We hope to be able to report the totals by the end of this week. With the conclusion of our 2nd annual Give the Gift of LOVE campaign comes a few things to look forward to as well (i.e. it doesn't end here). Over the course of the next 2 weeks we will be selecting 3 winners who will have the opportunity to travel to Uganda and meet the ladies who make our hats, scarves, and accessories. To refresh your memories, we will be sending: 1) the LOVER who sold the most hats through their participation in Give the Gift of LOVE, 2) a LOVER who sold at least 25 hats and was entered into a drawing, and 3) one lucky online shopper who spent over $75 during days of Dec. 6 - 17. THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a hat this holiday season or helped in sharing the stories of the ladies who make them. You guys are incredible! Stay tuned... the fun is yet to come :D


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