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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Dane Hesse

Name: Dane Hesse Occupation: Barber/American/Jack of a Few Trades KKi product: 'the Lincoln'- Black <SHOP NOW!> What was your motivation to learn to cut hair? After I earned my degree in History and Political Science I wanted to learn a trade. Being a barber is an art form just like any other. It's also an honest living. I needed a way to express myself. I can't paint. Or draw. So I went to barber school. And, I really don't get along with bosses all that well. Top 3 conversation starters: 1. Beer? Or, Whiskey? 2. How is your day going? (Classic) 3. I try really hard to remember something different about each individual customer. Everyone has a topic that “lights” them up. My goal is to search that out in each person who comes into my shop. At your shop you have a lot of other things going on other than just hair cutting. What else happens in your space? I share my shop with a buddy of mine "Eagle." He has a knack for finding awesome wares at swap meets, Palm Springs, where ever. He's got a radical style. Rides Harleys. Im "Pig," or Pig Barber. I'm the guy credited with cozying up our space. Building random pieces of furniture. Finding super cool things in the trash...old doors, mirrors, etc. Each month we have a SIX PACK SWAP. Everyone brings a six pack of beer. I've got an old claw foot tub that I fill with ice. We listen to music and talk until the morning. Tell us about your barber chair: My chair is a 1930s dentist chair. All of the older mechanical chairs were made in the same factories. Barber. Dentist. Mine has this crazy looking detachable headrest. People usually blink a few times when I pull it out before a shave. There are several pedals and levers, but it's really a simple chair to operate. Plainly, nobody else really uses a chair like this one. Do you enjoy using the straight edge for shaves? Is it ever nerve racking? I really like performing shaves. My chair is perfect for doing them. Gets the client up higher and really stretches their neck out. My nerves only get to me when a client won’t stop talking. Or, if they are a “gulper.” People who swallow a lot when things are around their throats are the worst. Gulp, Gulp, Gulping away while I navigate between shaving the neck and avoiding slashing their throat. It's like pulling alligator teeth. What is that little kit in between the Grant's and the scissors? That is a classic single blade safety razor. Made by AutoStrop. Basically, you put a one sided razor blade in it and shave your face. They work pretty well once you get the angle right. Safety razors are a safer option than trying to shave with a conventional straight razor. What do you keep in the flask generally? Bulleit Kentucky Whiskey…Bourbon or Rye. Dubble Bubble? Classic, crappy, barbershop bubble gum. Basically, a "have to." Your bow tie was made by Teddy. After viewing her profile, what stood out to you about her and her story? Since the inception of KK Uganda the stories from each woman have been eye opening. Teddy seems to have a heart like mine…willing to help others no matter what. How many people do you know who would willingly take from the money that they earned, with their sweat, and send a younger sibling to school? Umm?…On top of that, it amazes me that someone who has lived a perilous life can still muster up the strength to have a forward vision. Simply amazing. What do you like about 'the Lincoln' bow tie? I’ve been around KKi since they were making hats in the Vanguard University dorms. My wife and I buy a few hats every year. That being said, I don’t really wear any of them because I'm not a hat person. It’s mainly about supporting my close friends. 'the Lincoln' is a RAD new addition to the KKi line. It gives me something different to wear. People notice it right away and it sparks interest in the program. As a small business owner yourself, what wisdom would you give Teddy as she plans to start her own business? Never lose sight of the future. Never work so hard that you forget about the love you have for your craft. Doesn’t have to be an artisan could be marketing, but it’s important to enjoy what you do for a living. Life is too damn short to sweat bullets or worry everyday. Where do we come if we want a haircut? Eagle & Pig. 1782 Monrovia Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92627 <view map> How do we schedule an appointment? Call or text 949.422.7236 or visit…



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