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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Abalo Margret

Abalo Margret defines loves as, "endurance, patience, kindness, faithfulness and so much more.” For someone who has lived through so much, Margret is an inspiration for us. She did not let the tragedies of the past define her. Instead she continued to dream of a better future for her children; and that she would be able to send them through the highest levels of schooling. Since joining Krochet Kids Uganda, Margret is able to provide her children with food, shelter and clothing, as well as send them all to school! Read on to discover what Abalo Margret carries and what those items say about her. Did you make the bag in your photo? Was it difficult to make? Yes I made the bag myself using my sewing machine. It was not difficult to make because I had everything that was required to make it; garments, pair of scissors, threads and so many more. What does it mean for you to have a name badge? The name badge in the photo is my Krochet Kids identity card. It identifies who I really am in case anything happens to me and it gives me a sense of belongingness to Krochet Kids. Where does the key in your photo go to? The key in my photo opens the door to my house. How many of your children are now in school? All five of my children are in school. What do you have to say to the people who own one of the hats you’ve made? Honestly, I have to thank you very much for buying my hats. You buying those hats have made me change my life together with my entire household. As a single mother it’s a great privilege to know that someone there can buy my hats and put not only food on my table but also educate my children. I am so grateful to all of you and may God bless you abundantly.




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