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Why Women Graduate

Why Women Graduate Come. Grow. And go. That’s how we impact the developing world. Our vision is that women come to KKi in a state of vulnerability, grow to be empowered and go as thriving women full of capacity to change their community. A key component to accomplishing this vision is to going part, which we call graduation. We often get asked why we graduate women and the answer is twofold. First and foremost, we graduate women because we are confident that they will continue to thrive after leaving KK intl. For the last 7 years we've studied how lives change throughout the program and the data shows that most women reach our empowerment goals within 3-5 years. Our social impact measurement system also monitors what happens in woman's life after she's graduated and we are finding that progress continues after the program. This knowledge gives us the confidence to continue to employ a graduation model. It wouldn’t be a part of our model if we didn't think that it worked. Secondly, our social impact grows when women graduate from the program. A graduation model allows us to maximize the amount of people we can serve and ultimately allows us to accomplish our mission to empower as many vulnerable women as we can. By 2020 we will be able to extend our life-changing program to 450 more women because of graduation. Given that each woman cares for roughly 5 family members, we are able to increase the number of impacted people by roughly 2,250 people. By graduating women we will continue to send empowered leaders into the community to generate social impact long after their time at KK intl. We are giving our best away, but our loss is the communities gain. We fully believe in the capacity of our graduates to change the world from the grassroots up. And that’s what we are all about.


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