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'Where's the Waldo?' contest @ SXSW!

Going to be at SXSW? So are we! We're so stoked to be a part of StyleX this year, a whole new addition to the SXSW festivities. We are doing a contest solely in Austin this week called 'Where's the Waldo?'. If you couldn't guess, we're going to be giving away Waldo hats during SXSW! But we're not just handing them out, we're going to make you work a little bit. We'll be hiding Waldo hats in random locations all throughout the week at SXSW and actually telling you where they are. Whoever finds a hat gets to keep it! Stop by our booth in StyleX or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out where the hats are hidden! We'll be using the hashtag #KKiWaldo on should too. IMPORTANT: if you find a hat, post a picture to twitter or facebook!


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