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Welcome to KKi 2.0!

This has been an unbelievable year in the life of KKi. -We went from employing 10 women to having 87 crocheters at our compound in Northern Uganda. -We introduced multiple new styles of beanies and tees and also welcomed a scarf into our shop. -We sold nearly 3,000 beanies in December alone during Give the Gift of Love. -We got ourselves some interns! -We were given $20k from Chase Bank thanks to the votes you all submitted. - And, to celebrate this awesome year, we launched a new website: KKi 2.0. We hope that you enjoy all the new bells and whistles we've applied here. Go check out the awesome new products in our shop, read your lady's bio or remind yourself about what we do here. It's been an amazing year and we're excited to see what the next one will hold! Buy a hat. Change a life.


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