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We Love Whole Foods!


Find KK intl. at your local Whole Foods store!

We're incredibly proud to be in 425 Whole Foods stores nationwide. Their commitment to providing food and resources that don't harm people or the planet is a value we share, and this wholehearted investment on their part is something that inspired us from the very beginning. The relationship we have with our retailers is more than a partnership, it's a friendship. Our friendship with Whole Foods has grown exponentially - from just a few local stores to our products featured in stores across the country - and it's a continual source of joy for us. We're currently on the road visiting each and every Whole Foods store we can find. So far, our team has traveled from our Costa Mesa HQ to Washington, Kansas, Colorado, New York, and so many more in their trusty van! They've made so many friends, clocked in a ton of hours, and has enjoyed artisanal coffee in just about every location they've hit. They've been sharing moving stories of passionate Krochet Kids intl. supporters and people falling in love with our products and story for the first time. Here's one anecdote from on the road: "We met a woman in Seattle named Emmy, the Lifestyle Buyer at her Whole Foods store. Emmy hadn't heard about Krochet Kids intl. before the global order, and she was not aware of the story behind our products before we met with her. After sharing the KK intl. mission with her, Emmy was so inspired and impressed by the story, she said she wants to change the way she buys products not just for herself, but for her store. She was so touched by the way the women in our programs are seeing real life change that she wants to sell our products even better. It was a really great moment to experience someone learning our story for the first time, and seeing that inspiring moment when it becomes about so much more than a hat or a scarf or some gloves, but it becomes about real women experiencing real life change. Emmy said it's really amazing because we can all be a part of it." You can follow along with their adventures on their blog! IMG_4239


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