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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Sean Woolsey

Name: Sean Robert Woolsey Occupation: Maker, Craftsman, & Artist KKi Product: 'the Riley' - Khaki with Stripes <shop now!> You call your self a 'Creative Autodidact', could you explain that? Someone actually called me an autodidact years ago, and not knowing what it meant I looked it up and it has always stuck since then. I am constantly teaching myself new things, and hankering to learn more and progress at what I do. What initially inspired you to start building furniture? I have been making art and other things with my hands for years now. Quality hand made products I have always deeply admired and have been fascinated by. Especially those that tell a story and are cherished by those that buy them. Pieces that will stand the test of time, and get better with time. This is what I try to do in all that I do. What do you do to stay inspired? Inspiration is somehow deceptive for me. I have learned that I am more inspired during the process of creating than I am by other things. The process of doing and learning proves to ignite ideas and innovation. Some major influences on my life and work are: my father, Wabi Sabi, Robert Rauschenberg, Dan Eldon, Led Zeppelin, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Steinbeck. What is one of your favorite items you have made recently? I just made the George Nakashima Conoid Chair. It is one of the most famous chairs ever built, and the most difficult thing by far I have ever built. I was so frustrated at times, but learned so much through the process. It is so precious to me I charge people just to sit in it (just kidding, but seriously). How has your tennis game been lately? I wish I could say it was better but Darren Bagwell has been beating me more that I would like to admit. What's the last thing you sketched in your notepad? I am pretty sure it was a note to myself or a quote I liked, I write notes more than I sketch. After looking at it this is what it was "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." -Albert Einstein Is there a tool that you use more often than you thought you would when you first started? Yes. Card scrapers I have an affinity for. And hand planes I love as well. I love hand tools. I have seen that wooden bow tie used in some of your pieces. What's its significance/use? A bow tie, dovetail key, or dutchman is a joinery technique used for strength typically to join 2 pieces together or keep them from separated. It is also used to stabilize a natural flaw or defect in the lumber. George Nakashima used dovetail keys extensively in his work. I see the block of wood is stamped with the number 16. Why? That is part of a limited edition black walnut carrying case for some laser engraved coasters that I recently made. The cases are hand made, branded with my logo, and hand numbered. It was a laborious project but they came out so beautiful and make a great little home for my coasters. What do you like about 'the Riley' hat? I like simple things and this beanie speaks to me in that way. It has a simple yet timeless feel to it, all while being extremely comfortable and very well made. When and where do you wear it? My ears get quite cold, they are not warm blooded like the rest of my body it seems. I wear the Riley while working in the shop a lot as it gets really cold in here, and I wear it when I don my surfboard to search for waves in the early morning. Your hat was made by Lucy Gutierrez at Krochet Kids Peru. She aspires to be a skilled craftswomen. What encouragement/advice would you give to her as she continues to master her trade? I went to Peru years ago and soon after started making clothes down there from their amazing Pima cotton. Peruvians are some of the nicest & most giving people I have ever met & worked with, and I love that KK is working with them in helping produce quality jobs and a good work environment. I would encourage Lucy to keep learning, and to keep progressing at her craft, and to never give up. I also would encourage her to pursue a nursing career if that is something she strives towards. Where can people find out more about your work/view it? My work is like a traveling circus, so the best place to stay informed is via my site
{photos courtesy of our ever talented friend Braedon Flynn}


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