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WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Laker Rose

Laker Rose is an amazing example of what empowerment is all about. Through her time spent crocheting at Krochet Kids Uganda she is beginning to plan for a successful and sustainable future for her and her family. Learn about the things she carries and what she has in store in the following interview... What is the significance of the brick in the photo? The brick in the photo symbolizes the business type that I am undertaking my job and that is brick laying. I hired people to do the work while I was away crocheting and as soon as I completed my productions, I also joined to do the same work. I have been able to save enough money in order to make 7,000 bricks and I am going to make more than three times my initial investment when I sell them. I intend to buy iron sheets using the proceeds and roof them with a house I am planning to build. What type of exercises are you working on in your notebook? My notebook basically signifies the FAL (Focal Adult Literacy) which I am pursuing. It contains letters of the alphabet and simple arithmetic and some Luo words for reading exercises. What hair style do you have right now? I have treated hair right now. What is the wooden tool in the photo used for? The wooden tool in the photo is a sample tool that was used for molding the bricks. What have you learned in starting your new business? My new business has inspired me to work extra hard as I have seen that through this I can change my life, together with that of my household. It's a way of diversifying my source of income so that I will not only rely on income I earn from crocheting. It takes a lot of patience and risks to venture into this kind of business but at the end of it all it is paying after all. This kind of business is weather bound and it is important to do it only in the dry season otherwise rain can damage the bricks especially if they have not been baked on time.


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