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VSCO x Krochet Kids intl.


We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) for a brand-new set of limited edition collaborative beanies. The hats are a brand-new style made at our empowerment project in Lima, Peru. They feature VSCO brand colors of red, silver, and black, and have an exclusive VSCO x KKi label. Each item is hand-signed (of course) and individually numbered by the person who made it, so that you can know who made it. Recently, VSCO co-founder, Joel Flory, and his wife, Cara, visited and toured our program location in Peru. Along with their talented VSCO team, they filmed a video sharing the story of one woman who works for and is being empowered by KKi. Pilar Vila was one of the women who made the limited edition beanies as well. VSCO did a feature about the collaboration on their website. Read more about it HERE.

VSCO collaboration x Krochet Kids intl. Red VSCO x Krochet Kids intl. - Black VSCO x Krochet Kids intl. - Silver VSCO_KrochetKids_40 copy
VSCO collaboration with KKi
Bay Area friends! Join us for a VSCO x Krochet Kids intl. launch party on June 6th from 7-10pm at 1266 66th St Suite 1 in Emeryville CA. The night will feature a photo gallery of images taken during VSCO’s trip to Krochet Kids Peru, a video screening, a Q&A with the co-founders of VSCO and KKi, and fun!


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