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[VIDEO] The Story of Akello Welsy Olara

This was one of the pieces that we showcased at our gala events earlier this month. Welsy's story is an example of the true empowerment we seek as an organization. One which not only equips women with the finances to change her situation, but also the courage, the confidence, and the ability to dream. We firmly believe in the power of dreams. Because only something as powerful as a dream could take someone like Welsy, a woman with the odds stacked against her, and see her start to provide for her own family. To begin to plan for a future and start down a career path. Everything we have done as an organization up to this point has been in pursuit of a dream. We are thankful to everyone who has supported and helped this dream come a reality. Whether that has been donating your time or resources, or your tweets or status updates, or wearing one of our hats. You have all played a vital role in making this dream become a reality. We will be continuing to update the gala page with photos from the gala events and more content. CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MORE FROM THE GALAS - "LA AVENTURA DEL AMOR"


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