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[VIDEO] The Power of THANK YOU

This summer we took a trip to Uganda (check out more about the trip HERE). While there were many things I was excited about for the trip, one thing stood far above the rest. Months before we had been gathering all of the thank you notes we have from you all to the ladies that made your products. The goal was to complete the full story by hosting a ceremony with our entire Krochet Kids Uganda family and delivering the thank you notes to the ladies. Ultimately, sharing with them that they are not simply 'beneficiaries' of our programs, but they are also changing lives and hearts around the globe through their stories. Many of you shared powerful stories of someone that truly thanked you and how that impacted you (VIEW THOSE HERE). This video is showcasing the impact and the excitement our ladies in Uganda experienced when we presented them with the words of encouragement you wrote to them. It was an amazing experience for me to see the power of words firsthand. You may think that you are simply commenting on the ladies profile, or that saying 'thank you' is the cordial thing to do, but I can tell you it is so much more. Your words instill confidence and pride in women who -- for the majority of their lives -- have been given very few opportunities. That's powerful. -Kohl Since every hat is hand-signed by the lady that made it, when you purchase our FALL 2011 Collection of headwear you have a chance to take the next step and thank and encourage that specific lady.


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