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[VIDEO] A Product Story: 'the Pike'

'the Pike' - Weekender Bag

There are people behind each product you buy. A thousand unique fibers connect you to them, and yet, how often are you able to actually connect with them? Learn how 'the Pike' weekender bag and every other product made at Krochet Kids intl. connects people far away from one another.

From Gulu to Lima, and back to the United States and beyond, take pride in what you buy. Learn who you're connected to and #knowwhomadeit. In this video, get a behind the scenes look of how one of this year's most popular items is made.

We are proud to share more about the process for how KK intl. products are made and we hope that it gives you further confidence in what you are purchasing. Continue to support our life-changing work through shopping our collection and getting to know the story of the women who make it.


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