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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today we thought we would mix things up a little since we’ve had so many great pictures on Twitter in the past week and weren’t able to throw this guy up yesterday. So here they are – Happy Twitpic Wednesday! We love seeing all of your pictures - keep them coming! blakegoodfellow Blake Goodfellow : Baseline assessments happened tonight for @krochetkids Peru. Extreme poverty remains sobering, but love is coming! ChloeSandvik Chloe Sandvik : @Lybeckermusic wearing our @krochetkids tank on stage! Cambriaaa Cambria Roland : Getting our pingpong on @krochetkids @volcom #gameon brandon_schulz Brandon Schulz :Tending some bar at the @krochetkids ping pong tourney. #80srocksoundtrack


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