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Twitpic Tuesday

Today's Twitpic Tuesday comes to you in three parts: Products, VANS Warped Tour and Krochet Kids Peru! Keep the pics of you and your Krochet Kids intl. gear coming! Be sure to tag @krochetkids on twitter, instagram or Facebook post. (Clockwise from top left)
-------------------------------------------- "Finally got my Krochet Kids beanie last night. #krochetkids" -(via @carolinemeleedy) “Little nephew friend. His new T-shirt helps him get off the ground.” -(via @leahseyes*) "Took a walk today to see where the women live in Lima" -(via @jacmarch) “#warpedtour #denver #colorado #2012 #krochetkids"- (via @maquiiimu*)
* = from our instagram community


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