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Twitpic Tuesday

Here's another installment of Twitpic Tuesday where we highlight the happenings of the last week through the camera phones of our friends and supporters. It has been an extremely eventful week. Thanks for helping to share the excitement everyone. Enjoy! (clockwise from upper left) - Happy for my friends at @krochetkids; featured in Bing commercial during tonight's #AmericasGotTalent. (via @alonzodejesus) - Look what just came in the mail! Thank you @krochetkids and Betty. This is an amazing idea! (via @SemJane) - It's 15 minutes after quitting time and I can't get these ladies to put down their needles and yarn. Great 1st day! #kkperu (via @blakegoodfellow) - @krochetkids <3 (via @kush_ryn)


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