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Top 7 Things To Do in Iceland

Top 7 Things to do in Iceland Travel is an important part of our life and culture here at Krochet Kids intl. We travel in order to visit our staff and programs around the globe, but we also rely on it to offer us fresh perspective to our work and to our worldview. Our lead designer, Cristina Mayer, travels often to shake up her scenery and gain inspiration. She most recently returned from an amazing adventure in Iceland. Her photos and travel experiences were too good to be contained in the fours walls of our office, so we thought we would share. Here's what she had to say... After spending two weeks in Iceland exploring as much as I possibly could, here is a list of my seven favorite things to do in Iceland:

1. Visit the most powerful waterfall in Europe - Dettifoss

Iceland is full of waterfalls. At every turn, it seems like there are 10 more to gaze upon. One must-see waterfall is Dettifoss. It's the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. The sheer power and force of this waterfall is insane and can really only be appreciated when you are standing on its banks feeling the spray on your face. Visiting Iceland

2. Explore the unique landscape the lava has created.

Over the years, volcanic eruptions have created such a unique and interesting landscape, one that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Spend time exploring the caves and crevasses that the lava has formed. At this stop in Hellnar, you can see super unique formations that were created when the hot molten lava met the cold ocean waves. Top 7 Things to do in Iceland

3. Swim in a geothermal pool

The volcanic activity in Iceland creates a ton of natural hot water. Icelanders have utilized this water by creating geothermal pools that are in practically every town. We made a stop at this geothermal pool though, because of its remote location. Nothing beats a soak in hot water with these spectacular views. Visiting Iceland

4. Go whale watching in Húsavík

Húsavík is Iceland's capital of whale watching. Throughout the year, there are many different types of whales that can be seen frequenting the harbor. We saw a Humpback Whale jump out of the water. It was pretty incredible to say the least. Whale Watching Iceland

5. Road trip around the Ring Road

The best way to see Iceland is to get in a car and go exploring. The landscape changes about every hour or so, always creating new scenery to enjoy and revealing unique places to stop along the way. The Ring Road is the one way to see all that Iceland has to offer, and nothing really beats a good road trip. Top 7 Things to do in Iceland

6. Soak in the Blue Lagoon

Or at least make a stop to see the color of this lagoon. The colors are seriously unreal. The water is also naturally warm, which makes it one of the most popular stops for a soak and a little relaxation. Visiting Iceland

7. See the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón

This glacier lagoon is easily the most unique and beautiful place that I have ever seen in my life, and my favorite stop in all of Iceland. This is where the glacier breaks off into a lagoon and then those icebergs slowly float out to sea. It is unbelievably stunning. Top 7 Things to do in Iceland


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