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Thanking Our Ladies

As part of #CHOOSEGRATITUDE we wanted to highlight some of the Thank-Yous that you have shared with our ladies! Every Thank-You that we receive is shared with our ladies in Uganda and Peru and to serve as encouragement for them and the dreams they are pursuing.
Akello Josephine: Thank you so much for what you have made. I just bought it and i love it. It is so cute and it fits everything i need. I carry it around everywhere with me because I’m only 12 and i don’t need many things. I love the way it looks. It is so adorable! (: And listen…keep your hopes up! You are beautiful young woman. I love your smile and i hope that you do get that plot of land that you want. I believe in you. <3 -Tala Lamwaka Eunice: You are truly an blessing and an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do. We need more strong women in this world and you are proof that it is happening! I will forever keep this headband you made and I will pass it down to my children along with your inspiring story. Keep going girl, you are amazing! -Megan Arach Grace: Thank you so much for my amazing headband, its truly beautiful! I am in love with the one that you made me and i wear it ALL the time. I hope you and your children are doing well, everytime i wear my headband i think and pray for you and your family. xoxo -Quinn Nabinaka Patricia: Thank you so much for creating a masterpiece that i will cherish forever. Every time I wear this hat I will remember the efforts and love stitched into the hat, and the dreams that you dreamed to pursue. I hope that you can make the dreams you once thought were impossible become a reality, I hope your children grow up and live a happy life of wealth, financially and mentally. I appreciate the beautiful hat you made for me so much. Thank you!! -Layla _._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._ SEARCH FOR AND THANK THE LADY WHO MADE YOUR KKi PRODUCT #CHOOSEGRATITUDE
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