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You may have noticed that the all-new HELM hat is a completely unique addition to our headwear line, but like most of our products there is more than meets the eye. This machine-knit beauty is a true testament to empowerment in East Africa. We work closely with a family run factory in western Kenya to purchase the fabric for these hats, which helps support over 1,000 Kenyan workers to do so. Once the fabric arrives at our compound in Northern Uganda it is handed to our growing team of seamstresses to work their magic. These amazing ladies take part in the same program as those that crochet and are utilizing their sewing skills to not only make these new hats but also to sew on labels to ALL of our products. With each Helm hat you will find an inside label that is signed by the tailor of that hat. And it is through your purchase that you are helping to empower women and families with the skills and capital to know a better life and future. PURCHASE THE HELM TODAY


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