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The GOOD 100

GOOD magazine - December 2011 We were honored to be featured on GOOD magazine's second annual GOOD 100 - their year-end list of "the most important, exciting, and innovative people, ideas, and projects making our world better". We were happy to see them shed light on not only our product, but more importantly upon our model for empowerment. As you all know, this is what drives and motivates us and we love working with you all to shake up the traditional concept of charity. From the article:
"In the age of buy-one-give-one companies like TOMS shoes and Warby Parker, there are seemingly endless ways for shoppers to feel good about buying shoes or glasses for themselves because less-fortunate people get a pair, too. Krochet Kids, a hat company based in Southern California, approaches the model a little differently. A woman in a developing country—Uganda or Peru—knits each hat you buy. Instead of purchasing a pair of shoes for a person in need, by buying a hat, you’re investing in the people themselves. It’s called human capital, and while it’s less tangible new pair glasses, it’s working toward a better, sustainable future. Krochet Kids was started three years ago by three friends who shared a love of crocheting. The idea was simple, just like the art of crochet: Give women in developing countries the tools to make product, pay them a fair and living wage, and turn around to sell the product back to the developed world, creating a bridge between cultures using nothing more than yarn and needles. It’s not buy-one-give-one, but it works. 'We have seen a disconnect between the traditional concept of charity and the desire of people living in poverty to be given the chance to change their own story,' said Kohl Crecelius, CEO and co-founder. That disconnect was stitched together by cultivating a new industry and by employing those in need to work towards a more sustainable future." READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON GOOD MAGAZINE ONLINE


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