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The 2014 Annual Report

social entrepreneurship

KK intl. 2014 Annual Report

We go to great lengths to ensure that our programs are creating quantifiable and measurable social impact in the communities we work within. We are proud of our impact footprint, which is driven by a model that includes jobs, education and mentorship for the women participating in KK intl. programs. We are creating a long lasting impact that nullifies the need for outside aid through our non-profit status all, which allows us to invest finances and resources into our initiatives and ensure a deep impact. 2014 was great representation of our progress on all these fronts. Our 2014 Annual Report provides visibility into how we stewarded donations and sales revenue to reach our empowerment goals. In it you’ll see that in 2014 our mentors spent over 11,700 hours working one-on-one with beneficiaries, we provided 120 hours in training sessions, women in our program paid for 594 students to go to school and that our total donations increased 293%. This year, we’re making our work even more accessible by creating an Instagram account dedicated to the report, along with other accounts that feature highlights and women that we’ve empowered through our program.

How to View the 2014 Annual Report on Instagram

1. Follow 2. Individual images represent statistics and facts about our impact last year. 3. Tap once on photos to reveal more accounts with specific updates and information about our beneficiaries and programs. 4. Explore as many accounts as you can find and see the depth of our impact in 2014! Hint: View in "list view" to tap & find additional accounts easily.
social entrepreneurship social entrepreneurship


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