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Thank You Partners!

We have been fortunate to get to work with some amazing companies in the last couple years. Not only have they provided for our story to reach new audiences, but in many ways they have mentored us as a small, growing brand. These innovative people understand the importance of empowering people in holistic ways, and we're glad to collaborate with them. Nordstrom Nordstrom was the first major retailer to bring in our product and want to support the communities that make our products. They helped to validate our brand and show that quality, fashionable products could be made in developing nations. Volcom We created out first major collaboration with Orange County friends Volcom. We have respected the brand for so long and were stoked to have the opportunity to learn from them. They have helped open the doors for other collaborations and we're grateful for them. Bing When Bing told us that they wanted to create a TV commercial to highlight our story we had no idea what was in store. Millions of new people learned about our work and got involved by purchasing hats last holiday season. Thanks Bing! Kickstarter This amazing crowdsourcing platform helped us sell the first collection of hats from Krochet Kids Peru and launch the new program in South America. Thanks to Kickstarter and all of you who got involved!


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