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Thank You International Staff!

Head designer Chabella of kkperu and one of our ladies, Jacqueline Barahona We are so grateful for the people that make up our international staff, as they are the true heroes behind the work that we do. Our indigenous staff are able to provide a context and a level of care to our programs that serves as a key component to the empowerment process. It is beautiful to see men and women working toward the betterment of their own communities and the people there within. Our program staff and mentors exist to provide a level of care and trusted relationships that offer a unique plan for each woman we work with to break the cycle of poverty in a way that makes sense for her. It is their work that makes our process truly special and ensures that our core value of LOVE is lived out the fullest. Feel free to join us in thanking them by leaving a comment below... Mentor Christine and one of our ladies, Akech Sunday Mentor Patty of KKPeru Mentor Hope and one of the ladies of KKUganda Adong Janet


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