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5 Things Your Purchase Does In Uganda & Peru

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Impact is our bottom line. We employ at-risk women in Uganda and Peru and equip them to rise above poverty by providing them with education, mentorship, and consistent employment. Every product we make, whether it's a cozy beanie or weekender bag, is carefully made at our empowerment projects and hand-signed by the lady who made it - you can even leave her a message of thanks on our website. While this list could go on and on, we chose to feature these five impactful things your purchase does for the women employed at our empowerment projects in Uganda and Peru.
1. CREATES A BETTER FUTURE Empowered women bring valuable resources to their families. Dependents of women in our program are 8X more likely to attend high school, which creates empowered future generations. In areas where higher education is rare, those who finish high school have far more opportunities than those who don't. Increased access to resources for beneficiaries creates opportunities for their children to thrive, ensuring a better future. sustainable fashion 2. PROMOTES LEARNING Part of our three year curriculum includes education. Every week, the women in our program receive specialized training sessions on everything from entrepreneurship to nutrition. These classes are led by our local staff and partners thus ensuring our teaching is relevant to the community we work in. These classes provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to be truly self-sufficient after graduation. sustainable fashion 3. ENSURES HEALTHY FAMILIES On average, women in our program care for 6 additional people. Along with having consistent food, shelter, and clothing, these dependents are 5X more likely to see a doctor when they are sick thanks to the wages and education each beneficiary receives while in our program. sustainable fashion 4. ESTABLISHES BUSINESSES Many women dream of starting their own business when they graduate. They dream of becoming teachers, social workers, farmers and clothing retailers. Only 3 months after graduation over 80% of our graduates have accomplished this goal. Additionally, over half of them are employing other community members through their businesses. They are now the community developers. sustainable fashion 5. EMPOWERS OTHERS TO RISE ABOVE POVERTY Above all, empowerment is the reason we exist. Our products, programs, and communities work in synchronicity to achieve this goal of rising above poverty. Every product you purchase provides the not only the resources needed to women in both Uganda and Peru, but both hope and encouragement. Through our carefully measured approach, we are able to work with each woman individually to put her on a unique and sustainable path towards total empowerment. Learn more about graduation from our programs here.
sustainable fashion sustainable fashion sustainable fashion sustainable fashion


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