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Super Empowerment at KKUganda!

Super Empowerment | KKi

Taking Empowerment to the next Level: Super Empowerment!

Recently the ladies of Krochet Kids Uganda made the decision to take empowerment into their own hands. They came to the conclusion that while empowerment is great, they can do better. So they created SUPER EMPOWERMENT! Through their super empowerment powers, these ladies are creating better lives for themselves and their families. They're learning how to purchase land, start businesses, and save money to send their children to school. While it's not always easy, the ladies of KKUganda are working hard each day to fine tune their powers and rise above poverty. This is as good of a reason as any to consider these amazing women super heroes. They encourage and inspire us everyday, and we hope you are motivated by their journey as well. Check out these incredible photos of them in the super hero costumes they fashioned. They are the coolest. Super Empowerment | KKi Super Empowerment | KKi KKi Krochet Kids intl.


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