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summer volunteer krochet kids We are often traveling to bring Krochet Kids to various events around the country, and we would love your help! Sometimes we need extra volunteers to work our booth, sometimes we need a place to sleep, and sometimes we just need a good meal for our road-weary interns. If you want to join us by helping in any capacity you can, and be a summer volunteer please fill out the questions below. Thank you so much for wanting to help! This summer, our festival rep intern team will be touring to many large festivals across the country. From now through September, we are looking for volunteer support at the festivals as well as along our driving route (picture below). Here's where we need help this summer: Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.23.06 PM The Events (by date):
Firefly Music Festival- Dover, DE Music Festival June 19th-22nd Vans Warped Tour- Pomona, CA Music Festival June 20th Vans Warped Tour- Ventura, CA Music Festival June 22nd Summerfest- Milwaukee, WI Music Festival June 25th- July 6th Creation Northeast- Mt. Union, PA Music Festival June 25th- 28th Vans Warped Tour- Chula Vista, CA Music Festival June 25th Vans Warped Tour- Auburn, WA Music Festival June 28th Vans Warped Tour- Portland, OR Music Festival June 29th 80/35 Music Festival- Des Moines, IA Music Festival July 4th-5th Lifest- Oshkosh, WI Music Festival July 10th-13th Bunbury Music Festival- Cincinnati, OH Music Festival July 11-13th Vans Warped Tour- Cincinnati, OH Music Festival July 16th Sonshine- Wilmar, MN Music Festival July 16th- 19th Vans Warped Tour- Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Music Festival July 17th
Buckle Up Music Festival- Cincinnati, OH Music Festival July 18th-20th Newport Folk Festival- Newport, RI Music Festival July 25th-27th Vans Warped Tour- Nashville, TN Music Festival July 29th Creation Northwest- Tri-Cities, WA Music Festival July 30th- August 3rd Newport Jazz Festival- Newport, RI Music Festival August 1st-3rd Kingdom Bound- Darien Lake, NY Music Festival August 3rd-6th Vans Warped Tour- Denver, CO Music Festival August 3rd Soulfest- Gilford, NH Music Festival August 7th- 10th Rock the Desert- Midland, TX Music Festival August 7th-10th Life Light SD- Worthing, SD Music Festival August 29th-Sept 1st Bumbershoot- Seattle, WA Music Festival August 30th- September 1st

If you’re interested in helping, please fill out our Volunteer form. Thank you!


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