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SUMMER 2015 Collection


Quality Over Quantity

We live in a world that is obsessed with MORE. We amass things, friends and influence as if they are all in scarce supply. In school we are taught that the goal is to make good money, to climb the corporate ladder, and to scale our businesses as fast as possible. This, however, is the mentality that disconnects us from the things that matter. In our pursuit to gain more, we overstep healthy boundaries, overlook meaningful friendships, and leave a trail of brokenness in our wake. We look for as many shortsighted and surface level connections to make ourselves feel better. We ignore where our clothing is made in exchange for the current trend. We at Krochet Kids intl. reject the notion that scale is the main metric for success. Instead, we focus on quality and depth… not breadth. Quality products, quality relationships, and quality impact. Join us as we redefine the measurements of success for loving others and impacting our world. Our newest collection is another statement showcasing the capabilities of those living in developing nations and providing you with the clothing you can feel great about wearing. View our online lookbook and shop the latest releases.
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