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A Holiday Story of Change: Jessica Almerco


A Holiday Story of Change Jessica Almerco - KKPeru

The holidays are a special time for Peruvians. Family members who are usually spread all across the country gather together to celebrate the holiday season in true Peruvian-style. Feasts are prepared, traditional songs and dances are performed and the finest South American decorations put out on display. For us at KK intl. this is an especially special time of year because we get to celebrate how different the holiday season is for the women now that they are part of the KKPeru family. For much of the urban poor in Peru, the holidays are synonymous with hectic work hours, broken family relationships, and financial stress. It’s the time of year that tends to pile on the most pressure, making the holiday season more of a burden than a celebration. It brings us great joy to see the weight lifted and people thriving during a time of the year that is meant for just that. For Jessica Almerco, this is a transformation that she is very proud of. “Christmas has always been a special holiday to me. Every year I set a goal to decorate the house and cook a special meal, but I’ve I had so many limitations in the past. We experienced a lot of stress during Christmas that was mostly due to the lack of money. We were always borrowing money during the holiday season because I wanted to give my family a good experience. It became a burden because it took months to pay back the money I borrowed.” “Now we feel great. We still follow our family traditions but with a completely new feeling.” This new feeling is the result of the hard work Jessica has put into changing her family’s circumstances. Since joining KKPeru, she’s been investing her extra income in side-businesses that are bringing even more life-changing resources to the family. Her biggest endeavor is a catering business that utilizes her passion for people and cooking. The last job she took was cooking for 75 people, and according to Jessica, “it turned out great!” Jessica’s hard work has put her in the position to make this holiday season better than any of the previous ones. “This year, I invited my brother-in-law’s family to have dinner with us, and I will take care of everything. This makes me feel good because in years past I didn’t have the money to cover my family's dinner, and now I get to invite people over. Christmas means love and family unity, and I’m excited about being able to provide that this year.” 20141125-kkPeru019 20141125-kkPeru005 20141125-kkPeru011 20141115-kkPeru014 20141118-kkPeru028 20141117-kkPeru027



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