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Story of Change: Adong Sunday


Adong Sunday - KK Uganda

Sunday’s childhood was typical of a young Ugandan woman growing up in the war-torn, northern region of the country. By the age of 12, she had lost both of her parents and was the sole breadwinner for her 5 siblings and 2 grandparents. Despite her age, she taught her siblings how to farm and together they managed to produce enough food to survive. Sunday told us about the hard months in which her family earned less than $10 a month. Sunday admits that there where times when she thought the pressure of living in such dire circumstances would overcome her will to survive. But if you’ve met Sunday, you know there was no chance of that happening because she’s incredibly resilient. She dropped out of school and willed her family towards well-being. Her hard work ethic continued throughout her time at KK Uganda. Sunday used the wage she earned in return for making KK intl. products to prepare for a life of independence. She immediately put her siblings back in school so they could start building their own future. She opened an account at our savings and credit union and filled it with the money she didn’t need for the basic necessities. She quickly became one of our biggest savers. At only two years in the program, Sunday decided that she was ready to make the leap to an independent life. She told her mentor that she wanted to graduate in order to focus her full attention on her business, a small grocery store that served her neighborhood. It turned out to be a very successful venture. She remodeled her family’s house and started a farming business within a year of graduating. When we asked her how she felt about her circumstances, she said, “I’m proud of myself. Where I live they call me 'rich young girl.' I know my status has changed for good.” It's a joy to partner with women like Sunday who are eager to change their circumstances. Their passion for progress doesn't just affect them, but oftentimes changing their families and their communities as well. You can send an encouraging note to Sunday here. We'll make sure to pass it along.


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