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Story of Change: Beatriz Tucta

womens empowerment

A Portrait of Women's Empowerment: KK Peru's Beatriz Tucta

Beatriz, or "Betty" and "Bon Bon" as she is known among her peers, has had an incredible transformation during her time at KK Peru. She is on track to graduate from the program this December and her mentors are confident that she will continue to thrive and impact her community. When Beatriz first joined KK Peru, she lacked trust in herself and had a difficult time maintaining a healthy relationship with her family. What stood out to us the most about Beatriz is her complete investment in whatever she was doing. Whether she was working with her mentor or learning how to use a knitting machine, Beatrice went wholeheartedly into her work. Today, Beatriz is one of the most consistent and committed savers in the group that KK Peru manages. She's setting the bar high and encouraging her peers to keep up. A true portrait of women's empowerment, her skills and confidence shines outward and she has become a role model to many in the program. We watched her grow and establish confidence in her abilities, and the independence she achieved through her consistent employment at KK Peru has allowed her to create a new life for her and her son. She has even moved from knitting to a more specialized position on the Cut & Sew floor and continues to learn both at work and through her various educational trainings. Her dream is to start her own clothing shop at a local market, and she will graduate with enough funds to finance her business without relying on outside loans or investments. She is honing her skills by knitting scarves and gloves at home. At one time, the future looked uncertain for Beatriz. She now looks at the days ahead with hope and self-assurance knowing she will soon graduate and begin a new life. Her mentors say she is "ready to go out and conquer the world." We think she will, too! womens empowerment womens empowerment womens empowerment womens empowerment womens empowerment


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