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Retailer Spotlight: Shop Good

We love our retail partners. They are the ones that are bringing our message of empowerment to their local community. You love our retail partners because you can visit them and get your last minute KKi gifts in time for Christmas! View full list of our retailers HERE. SHOP GOOD - Oklahoma City, OK When did your store first open? Shop Good has been through quite the evolution. After nearly a year of setting up a tee shirt booth at outdoor festivals and open air markets, we opened in November 2009 as a tiny 400 sq ft store in the foyer of a shared community space in an Oklahoma City arts district. Then in August of 2010, after an overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic customer response, we moved the shop into a beautifully remodeled 1920's historic home in downtown Oklahoma City, doubling our floor space and inventory. It's been a great place for the shop to thrive for the last 2+ years! We can't wait to see what will happen next as we continue to grow and expand our offerings. How did you first hear about Krochet Kids intl.? We heard about KKi only a few months after they launched, via a post on the Mammoth Men blog in 2009. We'd been searching for quality products tied to a great give-back cause to carry in our shop, and we were taken aback by the bravery and talent we discovered in the KKi story. We had to have those hats! So we sent an email (which is now hilarious to read) to Kohl asking what it would take to get a couple of beanies all the way out to Oklahoma. He shipped us out 20 hats (which seemed like a huge order to us at the time... there were only 6 styles of hats available!) just in time for the first Give the Gift of LOVE campaign. And they've been one of our hottest products ever since. We're so proud to be one of KKi's first brick and mortar retailers! Why are you excited to be carrying our products? We are excited to be a KKi retailer because of the real change that each hat represents. 3 high school guys allowed their lives to be turned upside down to offer a helping hand to those in need. And the women whose lives were changed by that investment of time and money and tools and energy kept the momentum going by investing in their communities and educating themselves and raising generous, hard-working kids. And their crocheted hats, with their beautiful, careful signatures hidden inside, are warming the hearts of all of us who wear them, encouraging gratitude for what we have and a growing desire to do a little good in the world around us. What is your favorite Fall/Winter KKi product currently? Our favorite current KKi product is the Lincoln. We seriously can't get enough crocheted bow ties in our lives. Ridiculously ingenious. What sets your store apart from other retailers? The biggest thing that sets Shop Good apart from other retailers is our commitment to giving back. Every product in our store contributes to a great cause, either in our neighborhood or around the world, and our customers help us support those causes by making a purchase. You can find almost anything at our shop -- men's and women's clothing, jewelry, bags, grooming supplies, locally roasted coffee, even prescription eye glasses -- and every item's been hand-picked by our small team for it's great craftsmanship, everyday value and meaningful story. (Check out our online store for some of our favorite offerings: Our goal is to make looking great a little friendlier and giving back a little simpler. What winter activities are you most looking forward to this season? Our team loves spending time together, especially during the holiday season. The most anticipated events on the agenda for the next few weeks for the Shop Good family (including its newest member, the owners' 6-month-old little boy Sawyer) are: a trip to the local outdoor ice skating rink; Sunday brunch at Waffle Champion, our favorite food truck; several Christmas-themed movie nights; and any activity that involves wearing reindeer antlers or listening to our fabulous collection of vintage Christmas vinyl. Favorite holiday drink? We're suckers for peppermint mochas early in the day and mulled red wine cider from the sushi restaurant next door after dark.


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