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Retailer Spotlight: denM

denM 9

denM - Redlands, California

Between Tricia being a full-time student and the family commuting to LA every week for their 5-year-old daughter's modeling career, young couple, Tricia and David Kelly were able to bring life to denM. They do a fantastic job in building and engaging the community through events such as art shows, concerts, and also by specializing in fashion brands that give back to the community. It sounds like it was hard work to finally open your first store! You really have a story of persistence! What kept you both motivated? Our motivation came from our oldest daughter. We wanted to create a better future for her and I think we were tired of working corporate jobs with no end in sight. What is one big thing you want people to know about denM? denM has turned into a place that truly appreciate artist and artisans. We love to feature local and handmade items. What do you do to make sure denM continues to be so successful? denM’s success comes from a few areas - the constant search for great companies to work with, our community involvement and customer service. We also have a unique, rustic approach to merchandising. I know it’s trendy now, but 9 years ago we were making shelves out of old recycled lumber because that’s all we could afford to use. How do your customers react to KKi’s story/mission/signature on each product? Usually the first time a customer picks up a KKi product, they have no clue what they are buying - other than a cool hat. We’ve trained our employees to inform the customers about what Krochet Kids intl. is doing in Peru and Uganda. The customers really get excited when we show them the signature on their item - they usually end up buying a few more as gifts. What seems to be the favorite KKi product? Every season it seems a Krochet Kids intl. product emerges as our best seller. This spring it seems to be 'the Juliet' headband. Last season we couldn’t keep 'the Lincoln' bow ties in stock, but every year we sell a lot of beanies. What is a spring/summer trend that really excites you? Personally, I like overalls making a comeback. I was born in the 80’s and that’s what I was wearing when I was little. Let’s see more overalls, people! Family seems to play a big role in your lives – what family traditions have you started to create with your girls? Family is the most important part to us. When times were tougher, it was the light at the end of the tunnel to say we could attend all of our daughters’ school events and soccer games, even if business was slow. At the time, it was all worth it. A few family traditions: we order-in pizza once a week, we take road trips every Spring break, we pray before bed together nightly, and if you happen to see us driving through a tunnel you might catch us kissing (#tunneloflove)!
Check out denM: INSTAGRAM | BLOG | STORE HOURS AND LOCATION| ---FIND A KKi RETAILER NEAR YOU--- {photos courtesy of denM} denM 6 denM 8 denM 2


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