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Retailer Spotlight: Mustache Good & Wear

Krochet Kids intl. is thankful for our retailers! They help us share our message of empowerment and sell our ladies handmade hats. In an effort to share our retailers story with you we sat down and asked Mr. and Mrs. Mustache, the owners of Mustache Good & Wear, a few questions. Check out their awesome answers... When did your store first open? We opened our first location in April 2011 in downtown Fayetteville, AR. How many stores do you have? We now have two shops. The second location opened in July 2012 in Bentonville, AR. How did you first hear about Krochet Kids intl.? We ran across your goods on a blog and fell in love with the story and product. We love it when we can carry products that serve a purpose. Why are you excited to be carrying our products? Not only do we think KKi is a beautiful product, we love that by carrying KKi we are doing our part to support fair wages, jobs, sustainability, and relationship building on a global level. What is your favorite Fall/Winter KKi product currently? Mrs. Mustache has been living in her Toob Infinity Scarf in Olive - not only does it match her lovely eyes, but it's an amazing accessory with any outfit! What sets your store apart from other retailers? We are a family friendly shop that anyone can walk in and enjoy, laugh, and talk with our awesome shop 'kids'! It's a little box of all our favorite things and we really think you can find a little something for everyone! What winter activities are you most looking forward to this season? Can we say napping?! It's been a fun, awesome, and exciting year, but we are quite tired and sometimes wish we were bears that could hibernate a few weeks every winter...I mean, who wouldn't want to escape to a snowy mountain and rest! Winter here in the Ozarks means a little snow, a little ice, and lots of good times with friends and family! We are excited about spending the holidays with our family and friends! Favorite holiday drink? Pumpkin Coffee. Hands down, coffee. And not the syrup sweetened kind - we are talking about the flavored beans, a little coconut milk creamer, and a dash of stevia! Though Mr. Mustache might beg to differ (he's not really a coffee kind of guy - he might say chai...that's more his thing!). So, let's go with pumpkin coffee and chai! Do you have a message to share with the KKi community? Be conscious of what you spend your money on - advocate shopping local and supporting companies and products that give back. By choosing to do this, you are empowering people on both a local and global level.
{photos courtesy of Mustache Good and Wear} check out Mustache Good & Wear's Facebook See our Retail Locator to find a retailer near you


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