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Our head designer goes by many names: Cristina, Tina, "T", and Queen T. She's an incredible talent, and has a keen eye for design and each product we make begins with a sketch of her pencil. Tina has always been creative - she grew up sewing and designing. She attended college alongside our co-founders, and found her way at KK intl. after working for several apparel companies. Read her interview and shop her favorite KK intl. picks below! Where do you find inspiration? Traveling - a few of my favorite places are Iceland, Amsterdam, Colombia, France and Australia. Art is another source of inspiration - Danny Schutt is my favorite artist. I also find inspiration from music, food, beverages, the world wide web, and cats. Why do you love working for KK intl.? I get to come to work every day and create while knowing that there are hundreds of women around the world whose lives are being changed. What was the last concert you went to? Delta Spirit. A few of my favorite songs are "People C'Mon", "Hold My End Up", "White Table", "People Turn Around", "Live On", "Vivian" - there’s so many good ones! What does #knowwhomadeit mean to you? It means realizing that there are people behind the products we consume and that we have the ability to connect with them on a personal level.
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