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Q&A: Vans Pro Surfer Leila Hurst

August6-LeilaandLady Leila Hurst is a surf team rider for Vans and holds it down as the only female member of the unit. She is full of life and curiosity, and surfing has taken her all around the world in search of the best waves. Through our collaboration Leila expressed an interest in taking a different kind of surf trip to visit Krochet Kids Peru. We caught up with her after our trip and asked her a few questions. She is one amazing young woman and we are excited to incorporate her into the Krochet Kids intl. family... Who are you? Leila Hurst Where are you from? Kauai Goofy or Regular? Regular How often do you surf? Errday Best part about growing up on Kauai? The simplicity of going to the beach. What’s it like being the only girl on the surf team? It's fun but you have to learn how to hang with the guys. And you have to learn how to surf for hours. Overall, traveling with them is awesome because all the guys are constantly positive. Those are the best type of people to travel with. What was your motivation for visiting Krochet Kids Peru? I really wanted to learn. I had heard about the story for so long, and thought it would be cool to see the women and how their lives are different, especially since many of them are close to my same age. I get to travel all over the place but to have the time to get to know the culture and meet the people was special and rare. I think it's important to explore other people’s lives that are different from yours. You can learn so much and it makes you feel good. Looking back what was the most memorable part of the trip? The happiness of the women and the environment of their work place. They are so happy and proud of their products. When we showed them the shoe they were so excited. People get so bummed about things and we have so much. They are happy with such simple things. It provided me with great perspective. Any type of opportunity like this is such a great life lesson… Would you want to go back? Of course! Would love to take the ladies surfing again. And go find more waves in Peru. What’s your favorite KKi x Vans collaboration shoe? The Mohikan (shop HERE!). I wore them all around Australia and on the plane. It’s a big deal that it made the plane outfit, because I'm very particular of what travel in. It has to be comfortable. What's your favorite food? Sushi... anything with salmon Why haven’t you played pickle ball at KKi HQ yet? I have yet to be invited. But I will. Consider yourself invited... Shop the Krochet Kids intl. x Vans colalboration


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