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Premium Pocket Apparel


More than just your average t-shirt (or sweatshirt)!

Plain? Basic? That's boring. Any item looks better with a pocket. A tee should be anything but boring, so we decided to spice up our Fall Collection with Premium Pocket Apparel, because the addition of a pocket adds nearly endless possibilities. A classic, ‘the Pocket Tee’ for men and 'the Pocket Tee' for women are back in more colors! The patterned knit pockets created by our ladies in Peru, add a little something special. If you’re a person who finds joy in the small things, you’ll dig this shirt. For guys who hate to choose just one color, you don’t have to with ‘the Jax’. Its two-toned body and different colored pocket let you choose three! No patterns here, the colors will speak for themselves. For ladies who into a casual look with a little edge, ‘the Paige’ will do the trick. Its shiny vegan leather pocket contrasts with its cotton body, giving off the 'effortless cool' vibe, and its relaxed fit is ultra comfortable. It’s a win-win! Pockets aren’t only meant for tees! As the fall chill rolls in, you’re going to want to keep warm and cozy. ‘the Pocket Sweater’ has the same look as ‘the Pocket Tee’, but provides the warmth of a sweatshirt. You could even layer the two for some straight-up pocket-ception!

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